13 Aug

We need models!!!!!

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Tammy and I spent this last weekend in Atlanta, Georgia for the fall apparel market!!!  We ordered lots of new threads for the boutique!  I can’t wait until our shipments start to arrive!  When they do, we’ll need a couple models for a photoshoot featuring our new outfits!!  If you’d like to apply, comment below or on Facebook and we will contact you!!  You get a disk of images and a discount on any of the items we have you model.

25 Jul

A little shout out!

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Ever meet someone, and just know you like them?  Well that’s what happened to me one spring day while I was working at the boutique.  I’ve been doing photography for 8 years now.  And in that 8 years, I’ve had 3 websites.  The first couple were bad.  I mean really bad.  My third was pretty ok…just dated…and flash based.  I knew I needed to update my site.  But of all the tasks required in running a small business, web site building and search engine optimization were my LEAST favorite.  I seriously would rather do my taxes or marketing than work on my website.  I LOVE taking pictures and love running my own business, but for some reason, that part of the business just scared me!!!  Anyways-enter Kristi Lefholz.  She walked in to my boutique/studio and introduced herself on that perfect spring day and I immediately knew it was time, and I knew she was the gal to do it.  I don’t wanna get all weird on you, but the universe was speaking to me!!!  And I’m so glad.  I don’t do a lot of reviews or anything on my blog.  But I’ve got to tell you, if you need help in the area of web site development, Kristi is your girl.  She returned her calls/emails promptly…and let me know if I was dragging my feet getting her information she needed to move forward.  Give her a call if you need help with your online solution, or visit her website! (301)801-0784  or

19 Jul

Oh, how I love Pinterest!!!!

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So I’m addicted.  To Pinterest.  In a bad way.  If I only had the time to try or do all the awesome recipes, crafts, props, diets, excercise, well, you know the deal.  This summer however, I’ve decided to try a few prop/backdrop ideas for the studio.  I’m currently working on a new wreath, a couple newborn props, and a couple DIY backdrop ideas.  I figure, if it’s for work, I HAVE to do them.  Right?  Well anyway-here is the first one completed. A fabric strip backdrop.  I bought a ton of fun fabric, cut them into 3 inch strips and just tied the strips to some rope(a clothesline to be exact).  Now I just need a volunteer to try it out on because my kids are not willing.  Any takers?








11 Jul

Jenni B’s Studio!

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Hello friends!  Well the new photography site is up and running (Thank you Kristi with !!!!) and it’s time to get active on the blog!!!!  For those of you who don’t know, I opened a studio on Main Street in Blue Springs in the basement of the Just B YOUnique Boutique!  It’s such a cute store.  Ok, I’m a little biased…I am part owner in that too!  But you have to come check it out!  There is a lot of cool stuff happening in downtown right now and I’m proud to be a part of it!!!!  Here’s a pic of our quaint little shop!  Follow us on Facebook to see new arrivals or better yet, come see us!

Cute boutique in downtown Blue Springs

Cute boutique in downtown Blue Springs


06 Jun

I’m testing out the blog!!

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Hello!  I’m testing!!Babies-and-Toddlers_Jenny-B-Photography_41

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